AN INDEPENDENT PROJECT | 2018, Locations across toronto/gta

Creators & Curators: pruneah Kim, Abby Ho & Mirae Lee

NameSake is a workshop series and an alternative baby name book project which aims to explore and document the multitude of names we carry as Asian diasporic peoples.

The project comes from each of our experiences navigating names - from names we were given at birth, to names we "needed" to have when we migrated to a foreign country; from names a family member chose, to names we chose ourselves; from names that mark particular experiences, to names we strive to disconnect ourselves from.

You can learn more about NameSake here:

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"What's your name?" is hardly a simple question for many diasporic individuals who are forced to negotiate between a multitude of names and thus, identities. Using names as the point of entry to a process of self and communal exploration, NameSake unpacks some of the meanings, tensions, traumas, and magic that underlie this experience that is inherent to place-making.

NameSake is centred around a workshop series where members of the Asian diasporic community are invited to share their stories, experiences and relationships with their names.Participants will also contribute to the creation of an alternative baby name book (an archive of our multiple names and narratives) and a communal art installation — held at the end of the workshop series. Through these workshops, we will create meaningful spaces and productive art that focus and explore this critical collective diasporic experience.

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PARTICIPANTS: (I) Amanda, Erin, Jae, Jane, John, Yusheng; (II) Alyssa, Cat, Cory, George, Seden, Tharmila; (III) Michael, Jing, Pam; (IV) Anda, Elise, Eveline, Harriet, Janica, Miguel, Natalie, Pui; (V) Angeli, Cedric, Haedeun, Iori, Lucie, Meagan, Tai; (VI) Gabe, Julie, Kris, Mimi, Victor, Victoria; (VII) Alice, Amanda, Elise, Harry, Janet, Michelle, Wares

Plus, partnerships with Hong Fook Mental Health Association, Regent Park Film Festival.