as part of PROJECT 40 COLLECTIVE'S TALKERATIVE SERIES | 2017, crimson teas

Facilitator: Mirae Lee

I wanted to organize a workshop where participants can create something which becomes a larger whole. I believe the collage effect of zines are the best artistic form to bring thoughts and ideas together in a fun, colourful way. Each participant were asked to create pages that would become a larger zine, which they would all take home a copy. The pages were scanned with a printer on-site so that everyone would have each other's pages. The pages were then bound together with stab stitching.

At that time, I was very much interested in cooking dishes that recalled home, and how my body instinctively finds comfort in Korean food. I wanted to explore the relationship of diasporic bodies and identities with food. 

Participants: Crystal Chin, Michelle Gu, Jasmine Luk, Andrew Keung, Harriet Kim, Hediyeh Mehdizadeh, Janet Tran, Allison Yan


Food is a symbolic marker of identity and community. Food is also a subject of appropriation, and a space of constant conflict of who has the authoritative voice. This workshop aims to reimagine food as racialized disaporic subjects, looking at the dislocatedness, multiplicities, hybridities. What is your “comfort food”? How does your diasporic identit(ies) influence your notion of staple food in your culture? How does food act as a symbol of warmth, community, or resistance? How do we reclaim our “food” in midst of rapid fusion trends and food appropriation in the city?

This 2-part Talkerative was a collaborative D.I.Y zine-making workshop, which involved ideating personal narratives and experiences through collaging and drawing.

  • WORKSHOP 1: Focus around looking at food trends around the city, and how food making is influenced by geographic location.

  • WORKSHOP 2: Focus around deconstructing and reimagining our favourite dishes from various recipes, including the typical, the self-proclaimed authoritative, the family and/or the community tradition

Both sessions worked towards creating one large collaborative zine (not one per session). Each participant learned how to stab stitch their copy of the zine.