5th Annual MEDUSA Graduate Student Colloquium, University of Toronto

: Paper - "Defining Korean Hip Hop's Authenticity through Blackness and Globalisation"

Hemispheric Institute Graduate Student Initiative (Hemi GSI) 5th Convergence, York University

: Workgroup - "Unsettling Transnational Relationality: Indigeneity and Solidarity Across Border"

Richard Charles Lee: Insights Through Asia Challenge, Asian Institute, Munk School of Global Affairs

: Project (Ethnographic Film & Report) - "Visualizing Elders' Engagement with the Digital Age in Shanghai"

Ethnography of the University, Ethnography Lab, University of Toronto

: Paper - "Visibilizing the Invisible: Communications Work(ers) at the University of Toronto - Deconstructing the Tension between Power and Freedom in 'The U of T Brand' Production"

Ethnography Lab Summer High School Program 2016, Ethnography Lab, University of Toronto

: Presentation - "Social Media and Other New Media Approaches to Ethnographic Research"

International Course Module at Oa'hu, Hawai'i, Anthropology Department, University of Toronto

: Course - “Diversity”: Critical/Comparative Studies of Indigeneity, Multiculturalism and (Settler) Colonialism" // Ten-day participant observation and service learning around topics of environmental protection and sustainability, immigration and Indigeneity, military occupation and tourism industry


  • Embracing Blackness Through Koreanness: Analysis of Damunhwa in South Korea Through Media Presence of Sam Okyere and Han Hyun Min (2018)

  • "Fake" News, Digital Media and Political Ideology: Analyzing Linguistic Rhetoric of Pro-Impeachment and Pro-Park News (2017)

  • Anthropology's Ignorance of the Relationship between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People of Colour: Analysis of the Discipline’s Historical Understanding of Race and Culture (2017)

  • Deconstructing the Model Minority Discourse of Asian Immigrants in Canada: What is at stake? (2016)

  • Defining the Cultural Value of AGO First Thursdays: A Multi-Art Event or a "Social Gathering"? (Fieldwork Report) (2016)

  • Art’s Confrontation With Mental Illness: Yayoi Kusama, Self-Obliteration, and the Sublime (2015)

  • Fashion's "Orientalism": Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Appreciation, or Cultural Ignorance? (2014)

  • "Self"-Orientalism in Vogue Nippon: Racism as Beauty (2014)

  • Dying for Their Clothes: The Rana Plaza Disaster (2014)



Honours Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto

  • Major: Sociocultural Anthropology, and History of Art
  • Minor: Writing & Rhetoric