2017-Present       Community Director, Project 40 Collective, Toronto & Canada

     2017-Present       Gallery & Communications Assistant, Critical Distance: Centre for Curators, Toronto

     2017-Present       Marketing Coordinator, Native Earth Performing Arts, Toronto

                   2017       Talkeratives: Zine Making Workshop Facilitator, Project 40 Collective, Toronto  

          2016-2017       Museum Services Associate, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto

          2016-2017       Social Media Director & Website Manager, Project 40 Collective, Toronto & Canada

                   2017       Zine Making Workshop Facilitator, Where Are You From Collective & Queer Asian Youth, Toronto

          2016-2017       Marketing Coordinator, Coreators, Toronto

                   2016       Collections Management Intern, Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Toronto

          2015-2016       Public Relations Director, U Design (previously: Design in Design), Toronto

          2014-2015       Social Media Director, U Design (previously: Design in Design), Toronto


      2017-Present       Our Jxms

                    2017       Creator to Creator (Project 40 Collective Blog Series)

           2016-2017       RAW Zine

                    2016       Lifeline Syria Benefit Art Gala & Silent Auction (Lifeline Syria Challenge at U of T)


                    2017       Toronto's First Asian Zine Fair, WAYF Collective & Tranzac Club, Toronto

                    2017       LooseLeaf Magazine Volume 4 Launch, Project 40 Collective & Crimson Teas, Toronto

                    2017       Toronto Art Book Fair 2017 (RAW), Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

                    2017       LooseLeaf Magazine Volume 3 Launch (RAW), Project 40 Collective & Eativefilmcafe, Toronto

                    2016       CanZine Toronto 2016 (RAW), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto 

                    2016       LooseLeaf Magazine Volume 2 Launch (RAW), Project 40 Collective & Beit Zatoun, Toronto

                    2016       Lifeline Syria Art Gala, Lifeline Syria Challenge at U of T & Innis College, Toronto


                    2017       Interview with Catherine Heard, Creator of Magic Gumball Machine of Fate, Critical Distance

                    2017       Not Seen On TV Podcast: Episode 7, CJRU 1280 AM

                    2017       LooseLeaf Magazine Volume 3, Project 40 Collective: Non-Fiction Feature

  • Interview: "Bridging Fashion Worlds: In Conversation with Moon of Durumi"