2018 Upcoming        Co-Workshop Facilitator (Project 40 Collective), Myseum 2018 x 187 Augusta: CONVENIENCEToronto

     2017-Present        Community Director, Project 40 Collective, Toronto & Canada

     2017-Present       Gallery & Communications Assistant, Critical Distance: Centre for Curators, Toronto

     2017-Present       Marketing Coordinator, Native Earth Performing Arts, Toronto

                   2017       Zine Making Workshop Facilitator, Talkeratives: Project 40 Collective, Toronto  

          2016-2017       Museum Services Associate, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto

          2016-2017       Social Media Director & Website Manager, Project 40 Collective, Toronto & Canada

                   2017       Zine Making Workshop Facilitator, Where Are You From Collective & Queer Asian Youth, Toronto

          2016-2017       Marketing Coordinator, Coreators, Toronto

                   2016       Collections Management Intern, Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Toronto

          2015-2016       Public Relations Director, U Design (previously: Design in Design), Toronto

          2014-2015       Social Media Director, U Design (previously: Design in Design), Toronto

          2013-2014       Marketing Representative, U Design (previously: Design in Design), Toronto


  2018 Upcoming        NameSake, Workshop Series & Exhibition (Co-Organizer & Co-Curator)

      2017-Present       Our Jxms, Blog (Co-Writer)

      2017-Present       Creator to Creator, Project 40 Collective Blog Series (Creator)

           2016-2017       RAW Zine, Independent Creative Project (Co-Creator)

                    2016       Lifeline Syria Benefit Art Gala & Silent Auction, Lifeline Syria Challenge at U of T (Co-Organizer & Co-Curator)


                     2017       Xpace Holiday Zine + Maker Fair, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto

                     2017       Toronto's First Asian Zine Fair, WAYF Collective & Tranzac Club, Toronto

                     2017       Toronto Art Book Fair 2017 (RAW), Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

                     2016       CanZine Toronto 2016 (RAW), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

                     2016       Lifeline Syria Art Gala, Lifeline Syria Challenge at U of T & Innis College, Toronto


                     2017       Interview with Catherine Heard, Creator of Magic Gumball Machine of Fate, Critical Distance

                     2017       LooseLeaf Magazine Volume 3, Project 40 Collective: Non-Fiction Feature

  • Interview: "Bridging Fashion Worlds: In Conversation with Moon of Durumi"

                     2016       RAW Special: GLIMPSE

                     2016       RAW Issue 2: PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT

                     2016       RAW Issue 1: WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHO I AM


                     2017       Not Seen On TV Podcast: Episode 7, CJRU 1280 AM