offonoff - Photograph

When I go somewhere, travelling to a new place, I have the urge to treasure the moment. I want to pick up my camera and capture every moment - where I am, what I see, and what I’m experiencing. The late evening walks in Newbury Street decorated with white lights hanging from the trees. The sparkling stones below the clear blue water of Halkidiki. The face of emptiness reflecting back from the window on my bus ride to Montreal.

But even those mundane moments: Me sitting here typing away on my laptop with “Photograph” playing in the background. A glimpse of this winter’s first snow, very light, through the blinds with the sound of strong wind echoing in the air. My phone flashing with new messages from people I love. 

I want to treasure every moment. Photographs capture the precise moments when emotions emerge or when you are dwelling in those emotions. Films capture a moment of your choice in a period of time. I believe photographs are more sensitive to emotions - a static timeless portrayal - then a photograph-like film can bring together those emotions and create a richer story.

“잠이 든 도시와
빛나는 네 눈동자 
쏟아질 것 같아 
한참을 바라본 다음
모두 담아두고파서"

"the sleeping city
and your glistening eyes
it seems like it’ll start pouring
after staring for awhile
i want to keep all of this”

A warm autumn breeze engulfs her as she lays on the open green field with a book in her hand. Passing through the glistening city lights. Walking through the urban streets, that fleeting moment where street lights blend into a blur on your taxi window. The world is empty and silent at night.

OFFONOFF captures the city scape, the innocuous moments of calmness sublimated in their electronic melody. 

“눈을 감고 있는데도 
더 선명해지는 듯한 걸 
밤이 다시 해를 찾으면
떠오르는 기억들 

"even if my eyes are closed
it’s as if it becomes clearer
when the night searches for the sun again
the memories flow in”

Colde and 0channel came into the radar last year due to their mixtape Mood on Soundcloud. It was this year when they signed with HIGHGRND, a sub-label of YG Entertainment and directed by Tablo of Epik High, that they reached more public’s attention.

In their own stylistic electronic R&B, “Photograph” presents a soft meditative sound through its poetic yet very mundane lyrics. Just listening to the song, I am immediately transported to a new realm, an escape from realities while dwelling in the realities, a different set of eyes for appreciation of my surroundings. I believe there is beauty even in the mundane.

The song cannot be separated from the music video. While the lyrics spell out like subtitles in the video, the visuals themselves translate so precisely what the lyrics are trying to convey. OFFONOFF didn’t stop at creating a song, but a whole aural and visual musical experience. The music video is going to linger in my head every time I pick up my phone to capture something - a fleeting moment, a special experience, an inordinate feeling.

“close your eyes, take my time
let’s remember this moment
remember this moment
slow it down, before dawn
everything is everywhere”