Fromm - 달밤댄싱/Moonlight Dancing

After unintentionally discovering the Korean film and design studio, GABWORKS, it opened my eyes to not only their videos with incredible cinematography, but the amazing voice and songs of the indie folk artist Fromm.

After that moment, I could proudly say what my favourite film studio is, what my favourite music video is, and who my favourite Korean folk artist is. 

When I first played it, I was startled at the unfamiliar and almost awkward harmony of whatever musical elements came together in the song. Then I picked it up. The unique arrangement of synth strings, trumpets, drums and an unknown clapping sound struck me with a surprise, but as I repeated the song over, I found myself drawn into this unconventional rhythm and the vocal.

“우리 손잡고 이 길을 걸으면
아무것도 안들려요
오늘 그대를 만나 그냥 난 좋아요
저 멀리 반달 한조각”

“Holding our hands
We walk down the streets
We can’t hear anything
I’m just happy to see you today
Far away
There is a piece of a half moon”

I imagine her with stars in her eyes, under the dark blue clear night sky, dancing to the rhythm of her heartbeat as a cool breeze embrace her, playing with her hair and the skirt of her dress. She, in that moment, is the only person, maybe even the only living creature in the world. Pined down, but letting go of all worries which weigh her heart down. Hiding them under the blanket just for the night - a night so alive for her and us to enjoy. 

Fromm has distinguished herself in the music scene with her vintage yet graceful folk sounds, and her very unique vocals. This song brings together characters and sounds of IU and Lim Kim, with a hint of Feist and Regina Spektor, but of course, with a distinct Frommness.

“오늘의 달은 일곱번째의 달
나의 하루와 참 닮았네요
오늘은 그댈 봤으니 아마 며칠쯤 더
버텨 볼 수도 있을 거야”

“Today’s moon is the seventh moon
Looks a lot like my day
Since I saw you today
I might be able to bear a couple more days”

I fell in love with Hang Gab Lee’s works and it was through another one of Fromm’s music video. There’s a particular style of saturated complementary colours blending together with acute eye to details and experimental shots and angles. I’m no film studies student to do justice to describing how unique and strange yet beautiful Lee’s style is. I really love the accompaniment of the song with contemporary dance interpretation - a dance under the moonlight.

역시 프롬이다. 내가 알던 프롬의 그윽한 포크 발라드가 성숙한 리듬감있는 기품 있는 사운드로 “달밤댄싱"으로 마음을 사로잡았다. 프롬의 특유의 개성적인 보컬과 함께 신디 비트와 이루어진 이 노래는 정말 매력적이다. 

우리에게 식지않은 이 밤을 미치도록 춤을 추며 즐겨보자.