Crush - 어떻게 지내/fall

After a long day at work, brain dead from being on alert for seven hours and when I thought I could go home on time, suddenly rushed with all these problems and faced with immense stress for another hour…I naturally comforted myself with music, and although I haven’t listened to this album properly, I decided to try it out without hesitation.

Unlike his previous albums and songs, Crush’s smooth voice intertwined with soft piano keys and acoustic guitar strums exudes such a comforting relaxation. I can imagine myself sitting on the balcony looking out into the city night scape, and just simply escaping, even for a few minutes, from reality.

“적당히 먼 새벽에 현관문을 열고
익숙한 고요함은 어김없이 날 반겨
따뜻한 겨울 나른한 봄 
뜨거웠던 여름 지나
내 사계절에 꿈은 다 너였는데
방 안은 가을 속에 머물러”

“When dawn is near, I open my front door
The familiar silence greets me without fail
Warm winter, drowsy spring
The hot summer pass by
My dream of four season was all you
But my room remains in fall”

How do I compare Crush with American mainstream artists when I can’t think of any incredible R&B singers. I have yet to be disappointed in Crush. Each and every one of his songs have been and are one of my favourites. And this album is nonetheless the best one yet. 

wonderlust came out only a week ago, and such perfect timing as the weather started to get colder with fall breeze. But how do you even pick the best or even a favourite out of the five songs on this album when all of them are so good. 

What really caught my eyes (or ears) of this song is the beginning. The melodic piano that immediately sets the mood. I love how this song is moved simply by Crush’s voice. It’s a nice break from all the pop electronic and tweaked vocals of mainstream songs, or my regular hip hop and rap. I love how simple yet emotionally encompassing the song is, and the visuals of the music video - Crush alone against the immense city scape - highlights the yearning played out in the lyrics.

전에 더욱 더 힙합적인 노래들이었다면 이 앨범은 나른한 발라드. 점점 추워지는 가을 날씨에 찬 바람을 안겨 크러쉬의 부드러운 목소리를 들으며 마음이 따듯해진다. 저번주에 나왔을때 아이튠스에 다운받았지만 제대로 듣지를 안했다, 오늘 드디어 머리 식힐겸 한번 앨범을 틀었는데, 왜 이렇게 좋은지. 역시 매 앨범과 노래마다 크러쉬는 실망을 주질 않는다