Urban Zakapa, Beenzino - 목요일 밤/Thursday Night

Give me anything Urban Zakapa. Give me anything Beenzino. Put them together. The perfect collaboration. Just watch them sing live in a van makes me so happy.

This song has steadily been in the Top 10 of various Korean music charts since it came out in August. And it deserves all the attention and love it’s getting.

Urban Zakapa did a collab with Beenzino last year for “Get,” which is a more fun, pop self-love song. This time, the artists shine light on the simple ordinary life and how we need to take a break. We need to sometimes escape seek haven from our busy messy lives. At first, Thursday seemed like a very random day of the week. But that’s the whole point. Not the typical Friday and Saturday night, but a Thursday - the almost-near-the-end-of-the-week day, the you-have-almost-survived-the-week day, the all-I-want-is-Friday-to-come day. Why not take a break, even if it's a short breathing time, a drive through the city lights with your friends, your loved ones, or by yourself on a Thursday night? The ordinariness of a Thursday night can be a nice uplifting encouragement for the busy students and working lives.

“이리 저리 치이다 정해진 모든 걸 해내도 
하나도 웃음 안 나고 또 올 내일이 두렵고 
밤은 좀 남았는데 어떻게 써야할지 모르고
너와 함께 밤공기를 느끼고 파”

“Even if I get kicked around to get things done
Even if I can’t force a smile and I’m afraid of tomorrow
A bit of the night is left and I don’t know how to spend it
I want to feel the night air with you”

I really wish everyone can take in the very subtle details of everyday experiences and feelings that the lyrics convey because translations will never do justice. Beenzino is probably the best choice to rap for this song. I’ve always admired the simple casualness and honesty in his lyrics, yet how he can portray such ordinary daily musings into such a delicious flow of his rap.

“어디든 데려다 줄게
건반처럼 가로등을 가로지르며,
너의 하룰 들으며, 
“그랬어?” 그러면서
너를 괴롭혔던 
바깥 세상의 밤 공기를 밀며 
창 밖에 내던진 음악처럼
한강엔 별과 달이 
시간과 똑같이 흐르고 있어”

“I will take you anywhere
As we cross the street lights like a keyboard
I’ll listen to your day, and say “Did you really?”
Pushing away the night air of the world that gave you a hard time
Like the music flowing out of the window
The stars and the moon in the Han River are flowing along with time”

I’ve been following Urban Zakapa since high school with their first album 01, which I still go back to in my mornings for a happy start or as a nice background music to my day. The positive energy infused in this particular song makes me want to just drive along the highway with the song blasting through the speakers, whether it's a Thursday night or not.

역시 어반자카파. 역시 빈지노. 정말 꿀 콜라보이다.

금요일 밤 노래는 수없이 들었다. 토요일도 아니고 일요일도 아니다. 목요일. 왠지 어정쩡한 요일인거 같지만, 그것 때문에 더욱더 특별함이 있는거 같다. 평범한거 같은 목요일. 거의 지쳐간 상태에 제발 금요일이 왔으면 하는 감성. 지친 목요일에 긍정적인 에너지를 갖고 단순히 밤길 드라이브이든 밤공기 산책이든, 간단한 즐거움이라도 찾으면 어떨까. 정말 일상적인 소재가 담긴 섬세한 가사들에 어반자카파 멤버들의 꿀 같은 가창력과 빈지노의 꿀 발은 플로우을 들으면 왜 이 노래가 음악차트를 인수했는지 알게 된다.

고등학교 때부터 쭉 어반자카파의 팬이였다. 아직도 첫 앨범인 01 언제나 우울한 아침들을 밝게 해주고 또는 할일들 하면서 듣기 좋은 배경음악이다. 새 노래 마다 실망없이 더욱더 좋아지고, “목요일 밤“은 역시나 힘들고 지쳤던 하루에 조금이라도 활기참을 주는 노래다.