Mayson the Soul, Hoody - How I Feel About You

I’m not very familiar with Mayson the Soul, but have probably played Photographer numerous times that I officially call this one of my favourite albums of all time. I can put this album on non-stop shuffle mode and I won’t get sick of it. His voice is very recognizable with its unique non-falsetto voice and hints of R&B and jazz-like tone which renders his honest feelings and stories in his lyrics. The twangy garage rock vibe, which is very unique to this album, makes you want to move and dance along.

This song is more of a pop-rock and Hoody’s voice really heightens the effect. Although very simple, the lyrics show a genuine feeling of “falling in love” and an awestruck from “love.”

너무 짙은 향기도 아닌
물감처럼 번지듯이 내게
스며와 날 초라하게 했던
너의 그 눈빛들이
한동안 날 잠 못 들게 하고
And how I feel about
how I feel about you

It’s not even a deep scent
but just like watercolours as they spread
you approach me and make me feel worthless
I suffer through sleepless nights
from those eyes, when you look at me
And how I feel about
how I feel about you

The song doesn't have anything special, no beautiful musings or beautiful music video to accompany re-create the artist's vision. But I am constantly drawn, not particularly this song, but to this album, which has a different style to his more Hip Hp renderings in his other songs. 

I also very much appreciate the fact that he changed his stage name to Car, the Garden, which is the literal translation of his name, Cha Jung-Won. Apparently Ohhyuk from Hyukoh band coined this name. The new name removes that R&B and Hip Hop aesthetic which seems to resonate with his previous name, whereas this change may be an important, and even a necessary move as the artist shifts gears and moves into an acoustic, jazzy sentiment.

팝락의 장르를 시도한 후디와의 노래. 심플하지만 사랑에 빠진 솔직한 감정이 담긴 가사가 너무 좋다. 메이슨 더 소울 목소리는 정말 사람을 홀린 듯한 느낌에 빠져드린다.