Lee Mirae

NAE JIP (2017)

Sculpture piece for Project 40's Diasporasian Mythologies.

집으로 NAE JIP (2017)


For Diasporasian Mythologies, a Project 40 digital anthology project, with support from workshop facilitator Christie Wong, and fellow participants Vincent Yung, Sana Saleem, Ru Yap, and Kim Nguyen, whose stories and conversations shaped the art making process.



My stories are messy. I am an immigrant, but my parents are not immigrants. I am diasporic, but my family has remained in my mother country. I have spent majority of my life so far in Canada, yet I identify myself as Korean, yet I also cannot. I am still hurt by the negative responses which people of my ethnic background threw at me when I told them where I was born. I continuously question my positionality and complicity in the ongoing colonial project on the Indigenous land where I have found haven yet cannot call home.

This is the map of South Korea, the land which I call home yet cannot. I embed the story/myth which mark my childhood, my family history, and which brought me to where I am today as I carve through the land. I mould the land and build upon it, and run my fingers covered in paint over it. I desire to hold onto any “perfect” narrative I can find in myself as I attempt to smooth out the land. Every flaws are intentional. My stories will always be messy because they will always stem from that particular story/myth I have kept bundled in myself for a long time. And this land - my land - will always be supported by the safe base of my father and with my own confident claim of who I am.