Lee Mirae


Photo by  Yu Jing Tey

Photo by Yu Jing Tey

미래; みらい; mirae lee is an emerging cultural producer and sociocultural anthropologist, and an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Tkarón:to/Toronto. She is also the Community Director at Project 40 Collective, and passionate about supporting and creating spaces for under-recognized voices in the local arts scene.

Her creative practice is grounded in the poetics of loss and incomprehensibility, and strongly rooted in her relationship with the land she resides and those she shares it with. She prefers to communicate through visual mixed media (predominantly illustrations and graphic design) and bilingual prose, and is currently creating her first bilingual zine series.

Her current research interests are exploring the discourse of "multiculturalism" and "feminism" through and within Korean mass media phenomena; and the intersection of performing arts and participatory art as practiced by community-based arts and cultural practitioners; and lived experiences of Korean diasporic women in Canada.

Her hobbies include spending unnecessary amount of time exploring alternative, independent, local artists in the Korean music scene, and writing about them here.



You can reach me with collaboration opportunities at miraelxx@gmail.com.