Photo: Amy Wang

Photo: Amy Wang

미래; Mirae Lee is a Toronto-based Korean.Canadian who currently defines herself as a community arts organizer and an aspiring anthropologist. Her creative practice is strongly rooted in her ongoing negotiation with her hyphenated identity, and her positionality on the land she resides and those she shares it with. She is passionate about supporting emerging artists, and creating spaces for under-recognized voices in the local arts scene.

Her main mode of creative expression is rendered through zine-making, bilingual prose, and mixed media collage. She is currently exploring lived experiences of Korean diasporic community in Canada through archival research while drawing on contemporary discourse; animation of the Korean language; and the Korean hip hop phenomenon.

She spends unnecessary amount of time watching mv's, looking at lyrics, and reading music reviews of Korean songs - hence, this blog she started with her friend Jasmine. 

Mirae is the Community Director at Project 40 Collective. She's currently finishing up her degree in Sociocultural Anthropology and Art History, with a minor in Writing & Rhetoric at the University of Toronto. 



For any question, collab opportunities, or just a friendly hello: miraelxx@gmail.com // Instagram // LinkedIn